Embarking on a spiritual pilgrimage

What is a spiritual pilgrimage?

A spiritual pilgrimages involves a journey or search of spiritual significance. It maybe a journey to a shrine or other location of importance to a person’s beliefs and faith, although sometimes it can be a metaphorical journey into someone’s own beliefs, or to meet with other people on a spiritual path and connect with a higher teacher. My spiritual pilgrimage is to grow, transform to connect with my soul, my teacher and to have a wonderful time along the way with like minded people.

This Sunday the 12th May 2024, I fly to Mumbai and will be joining 120 people at Master Choa Kok Sui’s ashram in Pune, a four hour drive from Mumbai where I will be undertaking deep spiritual training and practices. Our practices will be lead by our warm hearted Master Glenn MD, paediatric doctor who formally ran the neonatal care in New York hospital and his wife and also deeply warm hearted Master Marilag who’s beautiful pianist skills can be heard on some of our meditation recordings for pranic healing (and her sons playing the violin).

Master Choa Kok Sui is our teacher, the modern founder of pranic healing and arhatic yoga and genius extraordinaire who brought together an ancient science and art and formed practices to safely heal people physically, mentally and emotionally. Pranic healing is the fastest growing energy healing technique in the world and is in over 120 countries. Its simple and easy safe techniques are incredibly effective and if you would like to learn it, I’d be happy to instruct you. He also created a spiritual arm to his school, which is Arhatic Yoga.

Arhatic Yoga is the synergy of 7 different types of yoga and involves deep spiritual practices and is the fastest way to evolve your soul through tested techniques that involve many practices including some physical movement, breath work, meditation and other secrets you can learn if you join the classes.

From the ashram in Pune, we will be journeying across to Bhutan mid May to meet the rest of the masters and some more arhatic yogis from around the world. It’s the second time in 10 years our eight masters, all masters, will have joined together in the same place for our group to meditate and transform, ourselves and to transform much more. The event in Bhutan will last four days and will include a special full moon mediation on 23 May, the full moon of Gemini which is known as the Flower moon, connects to the abundance and blossoming at springtime. Also a mediation at Buddha point, where a very large gold plated statue of Buddha will be one of the focal points of the days in Bhutan.

Spirituality for me has been an enriching part of my life since childhood. Spirituality is not necessarily a religion but it can be for some. As a child we attended church and Sunday school weekly and was full of what I used to find fun activities as a child. My certainty and deep rooted belief that God was with us always. Later in my teens learning more about different religions, it seemed as though God was with us all and many people had different ways of expressing this. And in my 20s when I lost an uncle I loved at a young age, many around me questioned why God would do this? Mu grandfather studied the Bible in great depths, marked pages and sought guidance and healing for him. We all couldn’t help feel the grief and sadness of loss of a loved one when my uncle passed. For me, God was still with us.

Also that spiritually we all have a soul, that inner voice that has been with us. That we are all so much more than our physical bodies. This has been my embodiment and belief system. Coupled with my further belief that we are all reincarnated, because how could Mozart write music at four years of age? How do you know how to do things you weren’t taught? It’s also natural that your belief systems maybe different to mine and I’m at peace with that and I also remain open to continue to learn and evolve my belief systems too.

Spiritually I’ve also felt very protected in my life and that I’ve also sensed the spiritual kingdom to be here by my side, especially in hard times. Coupled with a deep sense continues to drive my thirst for more soul connection and deeper understanding of who am I? For as my teacher says, “I am the soul”.

My version of my first spiritual pilgrimage started a long time ago. And I’ve been raised by people who don’t necessarily share all my beliefs but are the embodiment of spirituality, sharing values of kindness and honesty, generosity and gratitude, compassion and much more. They continue to hold up the mirror to myself and tell me, look. They help me do my work. I’m deeply grateful to the people who raised me and I love and adore.

When I look at society, my view, is that you may not call yourself a spiritual person, but if you are serving society and living a value driven life and working on growth, they you maybe more spiritual than you have considered, maybe.

To share a bit more about the ashram in Pune, this will be my second trip as, last year in January 2023, I took the plunge jumped onto a plane to Mumbai to meet up with friends I’d connected with online internationally from my arhatic yoga community.

Full of heartfelt desire to fill myself with its never ending thirst to connect with my higher soul, the invisible part within me, that we all have, which is possible through various practices. And with the knowledge and desire to connect with my beloved teacher, Master Choa Kok Sui.

I landed into colourful Mumbai, looking for my friend I met online Dr. Prashant, he had come to the airport to meet with all of the international travellers and gather us for the next part of our journey. Dr Prashant is a kind hearted person who’s combination of instructing, healing, musicianship and medical doctor practices are immensely impressive but what’s also remarkable is his warmth, compassion and nature which is full of laughter and light. I knew I was in good hands in his hired van as he drove through the fragrant streets of Mumbai, shooing away the beggars and singing Indian scales of intervals in great ease which I imagine, from my own love of music as a singer myself, would take hours to learn.

The trip to the ashram in Pune changed me deeply and helped set me free of some of the things I needed to release. I met friends for life and found a new strength I needed. I made big changes to my life after this trip. It deeply transformed me. I connected with my soul and others souls.

I hope if you take a spiritual journey it helps you, in whatever way you need.

What happened on your spiritual journey? Feel free to write to me and share your experiences at: info@nataliepranichealing.com.au

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Happy journey ahead all.