What’s special about the Twin Hearts Meditation?

We all know meditation is good for us, the health benefits have been proven. What makes Twin Hearts special? The science first, the Twin Hearts Meditation, according to Master Glenn Mendoza, MD, MPH research and article, “What Science Tells Us About Meditation on Twin Hearts and Our Brain”, is that it increases your gamma waves and can restructure your brain, it decreases your heart rate and increases your melatonin in serum up to 300%. I recommend reading this article.

Meditation can be so good for you that doctors prescribe it and multiple apps have meditations available for you to try. Meditation has gone from being a bit unusual about 20 years ago, to now, being highly mainstream. Meditation is a lot like food, the quality varies and some are doing a lot more for you than others and I’m not just referring to the science.

The Twin Hearts Meditation is an easy guided meditation that lasts for about 20 minutes. Its simple and highly effective design is based on the prayer of St Francis, that begins with, “Lord make me an instrument of your peace, where there is hatred let me sow love”, with seven oms in the middle.

It has been clairvoyantly observed when using this prayer, it transmutes negative energy into positive energy. As the divine energy comes down the meditation has a flushing effect on negative energies. It’s priceless, healing and transforming you, every time you do it.

All you have to do is follow the words and listen to the simple instructions and then in the om section, you find the stillness in the gap by focusing on the om, and the gap. The more you practice it the better it gets and the higher the state of bliss and illumination.

What’s meditation bliss? This is hard to describe because it’s indescribable, my words won’t do it justice but I’ll try to explain the sensations. Your entire body vibrates and you feels full of love, peace, calmness and above your physical body all around you connects and is elevated to a state which is almost orgasmic. It’s so joyful it can be tearful and indescribably pleasurable. The divine energy as it descends down mixes with the kundalini energy, known as the serpent fire and the sex energy and mixes and allows you to fly high in the inner worlds.

What are the inner worlds? On a high level, referring to the works of Alice Bailey there are 42 planes, without over complicating it, you can travel in the planes and many planes simultaneously. According to some experienced meditators they see the universe, universes, angelic beings, spiritual teachers and much more. Some see blackness, blackness is good, it comes before the light and sometimes inbetween the light. Some see colours we don’t see in the physical world and some see brilliant bright light. Some can see the past, present and future.

Some may experience connection with their higher soul which is one state of blissfulness and some meditators experience oneness with all, another state of blissfulness and if your lucky, you can experience oneness with God.

Oneness with God or God realisation, is bliss beyond all blisses. I can only describe my personal experiences, the experiences are beyond anything else, the energetic bliss feeling was incredible. The sense that God loves us all, the good, the not so good, that God is in everything, the cup your drinking your tea or coffee from, Gods love is even in that cup. That was mind blowing to try and comprehend. Then the creation of the universe and the universes from beginning to the end, our world and other multi universe worlds, creation and then destruction, continuously, the law of cycles.

How does the Twin Hearts Meditation work? It works in a few different ways, in one way it works by activating the crown chakra (divine heart) and the heart chakra (emotional heart). When you do the twin hearts meditation, divine energy flows down to the meditator and helps to flush out negative energies and fills the person with divine light, divine love and divine power. You become a channel for divine energy.

The Twin Hearts Meditation also works in another way, as it is also a form of world service, on a level harmonising the Earth. And as you bless the world with loving-kindness and as you give you, receive, as you bless the world, then you are also blessed many, many times. This is the law of karma.

On a more personal note, I started meditating at 20, initially because it was coupled at the end of my yoga class I went to with my mum, but on my second attempt as I fumbled my way through understanding meditation, I got it. I loved it, the stillness, the quiet, the peace and calmness. Over 25 years, I’ve tried many different meditations.

Then I found the Twin Hearts Meditation, I have to admit I liked it from the beginning, I experienced something very beautiful and special. It wasn’t love at first sight with the Twin Hearts Meditation though, more of a long term love affair. Perhaps why initially it wasn’t love at first sight was because it was a little uncomfortable, because it was so transformative, it was a bit of an adjustment and a lot of assimilation that I needed and this took time and practice.

Interestingly, over the years of watching other people experience the Twin Hearts Meditation, almost everyone seems to love the twin hearts meditation. Personally, I love the look on your face at the end, when you finish your meditation, that sense of wonderment, calmness, quiet and for some that indescribable bliss (more on that later).

What’s also special about the Twin Hearts Meditation is that it is practical because you can either practice alone at anytime, just buy the meditation online (apple currently sells it in Australia). Or you can join a local group and enjoy the group energy (stronger more powerful energy) and meet your local community.

I host several free Twin Hearts Meditation weekly, you can see my schedule at my website: www.nataliepranichealing.com.au or you can find and join an online group.

Twin Hearts Meditation is available to anyone 16 years or older, so long as you don’t have hypertension, are pregnant or have glaucoma. If you have these conditions or are under the age limit, it’s not safe because it’s that powerful.

If you would like to join my Twin Hearts Meditation please register at: info@nataliepranichealing.com.au

And find the schedule and more at: www.nataliepranichealing.com.au

Happy meditating to all of you.

Reflect, Aware, Transform.