Why learn pranic healing?

Master Choa Kok Sui is the modern founder of Pranic healing, an ancient science and art of non-touch energy healing. It is the fastest growing energy healing in the world and is currently established in over 120 counties.

Pranic healing works on the energy system that we have that interpenetrates our physical system. It works by extracting dirty, diseased energy in a cellular level and from our aura, or as scientists call it, our bioplasmic body and our chakras or energy systems, including our meridians which are the channels within us. What tends to happen is that our chakras may become congested, where energy is too much in one area and maybe diseased and or our chakras become depleted. In both cases the chakras need to be healed, cleansed of the unwanted energies and re-energised. The goal is to balance the energy body, so that we are healthy, happy and full of life. 

Our energy bodies determine our health and wellbeing. Diseases are first found in the energy body otherwise called our etheric body, before they can manifest in the physical body. This means pranic healing can be preventative if the healer can accurately assess the energy and heal the energy body before it manifests physically.

Learning pranic healing is fast, easy and very effective. Over the course of a weekend you can learn to be a pranic healer and start treating simple cases. You can help friends, family, loved ones and eventually after practice, experience and some successful cases, you can become a professional pranic healer.

You will learn how to treat people who are distantly located through the principals of interconnections. That means if your friend in another part of the country or even overseas, has a problem they want help with, you can apply pranic healing. This does take a bit of experience and this technique is shared in our pranic healing course.

Pranic healing utilises our natural inbuilt abilities within us to heal others. You can learn how to use various forms of prana. Prana is a sanscript word, which means, natures lifeforce, you can learn how to harness and  utilises natures life force through solar prana from the sun, air prana and ground prana. Master Choa Kok Sui explained,

Through the use of the twin hearts meditation, breathing techniques and other techniques you will then learn how to build your own energy body to make yourself stronger. By becoming stronger yourself you boost your own health and wellbeing and are then able to share this more easily with others you want to heal.

I was drawn to Pranic healing for various reasons and over the course of years, I practiced and had good results. What convinced me to share Pranic healing with others was the profound results I saw. Most notably a loved one had hearing aids and dyslexia and she no longer has these conditions. When she went to Harley St in London, where she was assessed, they asked, how is this possible? You can see the evidence on my website and social media platforms if you want to learn more about how pranic healing can help you. Or perhaps I’ll write another article about that if you would like? 

Why learn pranic healing, because it will change your life. If you were like me, I thought, I have a good life, but there is so much more and it can be better and easier, there is so much to explore. If you are curious and open minded pranic healing will be a natural fit for you. 

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